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The NewsSimon FellComment
  • £206 for a 10 minute journey - that's what a rickshaw might cost you. A very local row has now got the Mayor interested in introducing regulation.
  • The Mayor has created a CrossRail 2 Growth Commission, to be chaired by Sr Merrick Cockell, which will look at the benefits for CR2 for housing and jobs.
  • The Mayor has laid out his Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Plan, paving the way for London to become (maybe) the ultra-low emission vehicle capital of Europe: 

The ULEV delivery plan lays out a number of schemes and areas of exploration, including improving the congestion charge discount for ULEVs, increasing the number of electric vehicle charging points, and giving decommissioning grants to taxis that are more than 10 years old, in an effort to encourage drivers to take up zero emission vehicles.

The plans could even lead to the introduction of preferential access and lower parking charges for ULEV vehicles in some parts of London. 

  • Iain Sinclair, London scribe and author of the excellent London Orbital (where he walked around, and wrote about, the M25) has a new book out, London Overground, where he does the same with the Overground. Recommended.
  • The mayor has suggested that Uber drivers might have to undertake a 'Knowledge-lite' test if they wish to continue to operate in the UK.
  • Seeing an opportunity in the market, Ford have launched GoDrive, a car sharing service along the lines of ZipCar.