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* Caroline Pidgeon has been selected as the Lib Dem candidate for Mayor. She is currently the party's Assembly spokesperson on transport, crime and education. We wish her well.

* That leaves only the Tories without a selected candidate in place. One of the frontrunners, Zac Goldsmith, has called for regulators to take a fresh look at Uber.

* Meanwhile, the effect of Uber is being seen in the numbers of private hire vehicles now on the streets of the capital. Engaget reports"There are now a record 62,754 private vehicles operating in the capital, up from 49,854 in 2013."

* Buzzfeed and TfL have worked together to deliver 'The 11 Most Annoying Commuters in 8-Bit." Good fun and something for all of us there.

* A Parisian architect has created a new, elegant version of the traditional Harry Beck tube map.

* And speaking of maps, here's TfL's 'secret' geographically accurate map of London transport:

TfL's geographically accurate Tube and rail map

* ONS stats show that while the average Londoner takes 3.5 days a year off in sick leave, Tube drivers take an average of 14 days.

* Over 180m contactless journeys have taken place since the service began last year.

* Were there benefits to the recent Tube strikes? Researchers from Oxford and Cambridge believe that might well be the case...

* And finally, you have until 1st October to vote for your favourite design from across the rich history of London transport design. Visit here for more.