Tube Strike

The NewsSimon FellComment

Almost 20,000 workers at the London Underground are striking over the all-night Tube service planned to start operating in September.

If the strike goes ahead, there will be no Tube service from late afternoon on Wednesday 8 July and no Tube service at all on Thursday 9 July.

Workers from the TSSA, ASLEF, RMT and Unite unions are due to walk out. RMT boss Mick Cash is unhappy with proposed changes to work patterns:

"The attacks on pay, jobs and working conditions have come thick and fast in recent weeks and RMT members working in a range of sectors and for a number of companies and organisations have stood up and said loudly and clearly that they are prepared to fight back.

"RMT members have been delivering massive votes for action in a whole series of disputes and this union is proud to be taking a clear stance based on the fundamental principles of unity and solidarity in the workplace, which is the best weapon we have when it comes to resisting these attacks."

But TfL's Steve Griffiths is bullish in response:

"Londoners and businesses overwhelmingly back the night Tube. It will make life easier for everyone, cut journey times, create jobs and boost the economy.

"Most of our staff will not be affected by the new services at all because it affects only five of 11 lines. Some staff will actually work fewer nights than they do now because we have hired 137 more train operators specifically for the night Tube.

"The train staff who will be affected are being asked to work around an additional seven nights each year on average, with no increase in their total current hours. No one is being asked to work more hours.

"In return, we are offering a realistic pay increase this year and next, as well as an additional payment for night Tube working."

Reconciliation talks have already faltered at Acas and it seems likely that this strike will go ahead.   Those planning on travelling are advised to check the TfL website for further information on how to best get around during those hours.