We’ve had enough

The NewsSimon FellComment

Two further Tube strikes have been announced which, if they go ahead, will cause disruption between Tuesday 25 and Friday 28 August.

The seeds of this dispute were the working conditions of those who would have to support the implementation of the Night Tube. Offer and counter-offer followed and what the unions claimed was absolutely not a dispute about pay has become one which is absolutely about pay and influence.

TfL’s offer is fair. It’s time for the unions to accept it and move on. If they don't, they will lose the battle for improved conditions, and to retain their influence. That will not be good for their members, or those of us who travel on the Tube daily.

Already the unions have managed to delay the introduction of the Night Tube. They have cost businesses (all of whom have their own workers who will suffer as a result) tens of thousands of pounds in losses thanks to the inconvenience of the previous strikes.

Delaying progress and hurting Londoners' pockets is not what the unions are there for. In stepping away from the next strike action now, it would appear that Aslef are alive to that fact. When talks resume next week, we hope that the remaining three unions react the same way.

We don't need more strikes. 65% of Londoners were against the last strike. That number will only grow as this row rumbles on.

It's time for the unions to accept that this is a battle which they are on the wrong side of and work with TfL to ensure that when change comes, it is for the benefit of us all.