Fewer Traffic Lights

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A new GLA report, tantalisingly named Economic Impact of Traffic Signals was launched yesterday.

As the BBC states, it has been judged that in some cases that removing traffic lights at some junctions would benefit the economy. Tied into the ongoing re-phasing of traffic lights, London's streets may soon become grimly efficient.

All good for London, surely? Perhaps not. Dave Hill suggests that the effect on pedestrians may yet not be fully understood:

"The second thing that struck me was my discovery that TfL's current modelling methods aren't well equipped for forecasting the impact on pedestrians of traffic signal changes, including the safety implications. Siraut stressed that these would need to be more fully addressed if traffic lights are to be removed or their functioning adjusted to aid traffic flow. Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem chair of the transport committee has been quick to point out that they aren't addressed in the report."

Interested? Read the full report here.