Bike Hire


200910090821.jpg TfL have released the first images of the Bixi-built bikes which are due to appear across London as the Mayor's bike hire scheme rolls out.

BBC Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards got the first look:

"There's no doubt it is built for durability not speed, but that said you can still get up a fair lick on them. You do have to pedal quite hard to get the speed up in the "sit up and beg" position though.

"I wouldn't fancy doing a long journey on it, but for tootling around in town it could be pretty easy to use and the idea is it will be convenient.

"It's a lot heavier than my hybrid commuter bike for example but it handles pretty well. There's no cross bar and there's a chain guard to stop your suit trousers getting shredded. There's also a dynamo-driven LED light on the front."

The Independent is also carrying a FAQ on the scheme, detailing roll-out plans (notably there is no pricing available yet) and the scope of the programme. Well worth a read, especially for its comparison to the similar Parisian scheme.