Newslinks - Bumper Edition

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A bumper newslink edition to cover the last couple of weeks:


  • The Guardian reports that the Mayor is to introduce the 3rd phase of the Low Emission Zone in 2012, bringing roughly 90,000 smaller vehicles into scope.
  • The Mayor's plans to scrap the WEZ have hit choppy waters.
  • A Halcrow/Oxford University study has outlined how London can cut emissions by 80% by 2050.
  • Simon Fletcher, writing in Comment is Free, suggests that in cutting the LEZ, the Mayor will be forced to raise fares. Ken Livingstone agrees. Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor's transport advisor, doesn't.


  • CrossRail is tendering for station tunnelling work at Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road in central London.
  • Sadiq Khan, Minister of State for Transport, has reiterated the Labour Government's support for CrossRail. Lord Adonis re-iterated the same in his Labour Party Conference speech. Vince Cable, Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor, is more ambivalent.
  • London Reconnections reports on CrossRail's westerly creeping scope.
  • Terry Morgan has outlined how delays to CrossRail would be 'horrific'.


  • The dispute between London Underground and Tube Lines on Northern, Jubilee and Victoria Line upgrades looks to be heading towards arbitration, reports Local Gov. More at New Civil Engineer here.
  • It appears that the December deadline for Jubilee upgrades is to be missed.
  • Christian Wolmar writes on the new London Underground boss' inbox, and the problems he will face with PPP.
  • Dave Hill on the perfect storm of a fall in Tube ridership, WEZ plans, and an overstretched TfL.


  • The Mayor's plans for removing bendy-buses and replacing them with Routemasters is condemned as expensive and misdirected by the RAC.


  • BA boss Willie Walsh has threatened to cut back domestic and international services from Heathrow if a 3rd runway is not built.
  • Newham Council has been sued by Fight the Flights for allowing a 50% increase in traffic from City Airport without consultation.


  • The Mayor wants to adapt the TfL roundel to make it clearer to commuters and tourists which service to board.


  • Julian Glover in The Guardian waxes lyrical on the benefits to Britain of High Speed Rail.