Conciliatory Words for the RMT

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The news came in yesterday that the dispute between the RMT and London Underground on job security had been resolved.

The stumbling block of the around 1,000 jobs which were to be integrated into LU (and possibly lost due to duplication) following the collapse of Metronet was one of the key issues which led to the 48hr strike in June, bringing huge disruption to the capital.

So, what has been agreed?

This is the statement from Bob Crow (General Secretary of the RMT):

"One thousand of the LU members transferred to the failed Metronet company were at risk of losing their jobs.

"But thanks to the two days of strike action we have safeguarded these members' jobs and forced management to abide by negotiated agreements and provide alternative jobs for all displaced staff."

Simple, eh? Well, this is the statement from Richard Parry (LU Managing Director) on the same decision:

"It's good news the RMT leadership has now accepted our assurances on jobs following the collapse of Metronet and its integration into LU.

"Nothing has changed since the RMT's pointless strike action, which only lost those staff who took part two days pay.

"We have been absolutely clear that we sought to avoid compulsory redundancies and that no frontline operational and maintenance staff were part of this process.

"We never offered a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies and this remains this case."

You'd be forgiven for reading the above and believing that nothing has been resolved. Perhaps cooler heads only prevail in ACAS' offices?

Nonetheless, it would appear that London is now a significant step closer to preventing a further 48hr strike by the RMT.

Further talks on pay will be held soon.