Newslinks | 10th August 2007

The NewsEditor

Oyster Fares to Drop This Is Local London reports that bus travel in the capital will be cheaper by 10% if you use Oyster cards:

"From September 30, the cost of a single bus fare for people with the cards will be reduced from £1 to 90p.

"The price of a weekly bus pass will be cut from £14 to £13."

Passenger Complaints Rise by 15%

Concern about rail ticket prices and bus driver behaviour contributed to a 15% rise in complaints made to a London passenger watchdog. Of 1,748 complaints dealt with by London TravelWatch in the past year, rail fare increases and ticket restrictions prompted most concern.

[from the BBC]

BAA Investigation

The FT reports further on the investigation into BAA's market dominance. Of particular interest are the comments of Willie Walsh, Chief Executive of British Airways:

The announcement triggered a strong defence from BAA and a counter-attack from British Airways, which claimed common ownership was the “root cause” of the failure to expand Heathrow’s runway capacity.

Willie Walsh, British Airways’ chief executive, said new runway developments should be market-led, not “left to a common owner’s interests to dictate timescales”.

A more competitive London airports market would encourage the building of new facilities that would benefit both customers and the UK, Mr Walsh said. “The damaging consequences of common ownership are all too apparent today in the fragility of Heathrow’s day-to-day operation.”

LondonUnlocked believes that Heathrow is a key part of our transport infrastructure. If we want to get London moving we need efficient airports and other transport hubs.

Heathrow is the hub through which most visitors to London travel. Currently it is inefficient, badly maintained, and poorly thought out. LondonUnlocked hopes that the investigation will bring about real changes that benefit passengers, the economy and London's transport network.