Newslinks | 9th August 2007

The NewsEditor

Crossrail The Bexley Times reports that Council bosses have ordered the Mayor to 'get on with it' when he called for greater funding for Crossrail. The newspaper reports the words of Cllr Peter Craske:

"We need this Crossrail to be built and it is about time the Mayor and the government sat down and got on with it."

Congestion Charge

Consultation starts on the 10th August, reports eems, for a higher congestion charge for 'gas-guzzlers':

Within the congestion charging zone, the highest CO2 emitting cars, which represent 8% of cars registered in London, would face the higher £25 charge and lose their entitlement to the residents’ discount. The great majority of drivers within the zone would be unaffected and the least polluting vehicles will not pay any congestion charge.


The Competition Commission (CC) says its study into the market domination of airport operator BAA will focus on the firm's level of customer service, reports the BBC:

The commission said it would look at whether BAA's market domination affected its willingness to both invest in, develop and operate its airports.

Particularly, it said it would look at BAA's levels of customer service, "including recently, and most notably, security".

But the commission said it would also look at the wider impact of restrictions on airport development and constraints on capacity in terms of runways, terminals and other facilities due to planning difficulties or other reasons.

Biking around London?

The Times reports on a scheme in Paris where for €1 per half-hour residents can rent bikes to cycle around the city. Despite initial fears that the project would not take off due to the city's 'car-centric' centre, the scheme is a huge success. Something for our Mayor to consider?

In the next few days a more indepth article will appear about this subject, and similar schemes.