It's Over...

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...for the time being. Services on the Underground began to return to normal after seven last night, and as of time of writing, there is a full service across the network.

Now, whilst those unresolved differences are ironed out we are treated to post-match analysis. The Evening Standard assesses the Mayor's performance and names him a strikebuster, ending the article with:

"Anyone who has experienced at first hand his terrifying determination on a bicycle knows it would be foolish to underestimate the Mayor's will."

So, how well did Boris Johnson do? If your measure of success is provoking the strike in the first place, very well says The Independent, repeating the comments by MP Andrew Dismore in the House of Commons verbatim:

"I think members ought to be aware if the Mayor of London interfered in this and caused the suspension of the strike to be lifted."

Away from the blame game, Bob Crow is threatening further strikes within a fortnight should the union's demands not be met. TfL are playing their cards close to their chest with the negotiations this time around:

A TfL spokesperson said: 'There has been an exchange of letters this afternoon between London Underground (LU) and the RMT leadership via ACAS to set out the basis for further discussions at ACAS on the remaining issues in dispute, notably redundancy arrangements.

'Further face-to-face discussions between LU and the RMT leadership will take place at ACAS as soon as possible.'

Still, those of you commuting into work and missing the disruption that the strikes brought can take comfort in the extensive engineering work taking place this weekend - full details here.