Newslinks | 8th August 2007

The NewsEditor

East London Line vs West London Trams Wandsworth, Merton and Croydon Councils have come out in favour of using some of the £650m allocated for the West London Tram scheme, shelved by the Mayor and TfL due to the local council's opposition, to carry out the second tranche of the East London Line upgrade, connecting Clapham Junction to Surrey Quays and Canary Wharf. (reports the Wimbledon Guardian)

Sian Berry: Green Party Mayoral Candidate speaks out on 4x4s

Writing in the New Statesman, Sian Berry, Green Party Mayoral Candidate speaks out on 4x4s, detailing the charges she proposes to place on larger vehicles:

I don’t think anyone can argue that they need a 4x4 or 200 mph sports car in the centre of London and, in the absence of real action from central government, taking the lead and promoting cleaner cars on our own initiative is completely appropriate. The new rate will include all but a handful of 4x4s and every Bentley and Ferrari in town and will even remove their 90% resident’s discount, meaning owners of pointless status symbols will each pay a whopping £6,500 more per year just to have their machines parked in the zone.


The FT reports that London’s economic prosperity could be put at risk if the government holds back on funding Crossrail and further delays plans to build the multi-billion-pound rail link.

A quote from Ken Livingstone in the article perfectly sums up LondonUnlocked's attitude to transport projects such as these:

"...if we do not plan for London’s transport infrastructure needs well in advance then we cannot assume that our city’s economic success will go on indefinitely.”