The Mayor's Transport Strategy

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As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the recently Mayor published the "Statement of Intent" for his transport strategy.     

The document, a marker between November's Way to Go and "early" 2010's full transport strategy, outlines the Mayor's priorities following a public consultation and a year in office. In particular it highlights six "challenges" for consideration:

  • supporting economic development and population growth
  • ensuring a better quality of life
  • delivering safety and security
  • improving transport opportunities for all
  • tackling climate change
  • delivering the Olympic and Paralympic Games

John Bull does an excellent job of summarizing the challenges, as outlined in the Statement of Intent, on London Reconnections.

Alongside this review, the Mayor is also looking afresh at the London Plan and the Mayor's Economic Development Strategy - a clear sign that he intends thinking at City Hall to be 'joined up'.

Take a look at the consultation here or download it by clicking the graphic above. Thoughts? Comments? Responses to the Statement of Intent are due by Monday 13th July.