Newslinks | 3rd August 2007

The NewsEditor

Transport Plans

Only in Britain would people think the chance of securing a new train line to be the chief virtue of hosting the Olympics.

Now, completion of the east-west Crossrail link before the 2012 Games remains in doubt. And in a context of tight infrastructure spending, Londoners seem doomed to making do with water pipes laid in Victorian times, Underground stations that look as if they had their last makeover when they were serving as wartime bomb shelters.

The FT's editorial paints a harsh picture of London's Infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the Guardian details the Lib Dem's transport plans, including... "a new Future Transport Fund [which] would use the money raised from the taxes to leverage in private investment in projects like high-speed rail links connecting London with Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Tyneside and Scotland in the north and Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter in the west."

ic South London reports that the Thames Gateway Bridge inquiry to be reopened. This would cause a substantial delay for a project that would provide a vital transport link for the area and a significant economic boost.

Mayoral Constest

Finally, the Guardian carries an good editorial about the upcoming race to be Mayor and the problems faced by the candidates.