Newslinks | CrossRail, Tube Lines, CrossRail (again), Living Bridge, Runway 3

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  • Terry Morgan, Chief Executive of Tube Lines, is expected to take up his new role as Chairman of CrossRail in June, five months early [The Times].
  • Dean Finch, FirstGroup's Chief Operating Officer, is to step into Mr Morgan's shoes at Tube Lines shortly [The Guardian].
  • Lord Adonis has taken measures to ensure that any extension of the CrossRail route to Reading has been safeguarded [BBC].
  • Meanwhile, a row in Cabinet threatens the ability of the Mayor to provide London's contribution to the CrossRail project [The Times].
  • Boris Johnson wants a 'living bridge' to cross the Thames between the Waterloo and Blackfriars bridges [The Times].
  • Also in The Times, opposition to Heathrow's third runway gathers momentum following the publication of a letter from a number of business leaders.