Newslinks | Electric Cars, CrossRail, Book Loans, 20mph Zones, Utilities Works, King's Cross

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  • The Government has announced a scheme where up to £5,000 will be made available as an incentive to those who purchase electric cars [The Guardian].
  • The CrossRail project expects to manage the transportation of around 600 truck loads per day, igniting concerns about congestion on London's streets [Road Transport].
  • On May 5th Choose What You Read will be giving out books for loan outside Liverpool Street, Waterloo, Westminster, Euston and Paddington Stations [BBC].
  • Boris Johnson is being urged to trial 20mph zones across boroughs by the Assembly's Transport Committee [The Guardian].
  • Utility companies and the Mayor have come to a number of agreements on easing congestion whilst work is being carried out [BBC].
  • The Times has a profile of the regeneration of King's Cross, including its transport facilities.