Buses and Bikes

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Much has been made of the Mayor's policy of scrapping Bendy Buses and introducing Routemasters. The normally Tory-friendly Mail weighs in with this:

"Mayor Boris Johnson's decision to ban bendy buses will end up costing London council taxpayers. Arriva, the capital's biggest red bus operator with 20 per cent of the market, said today it expects a 24 per cent rise in fees from substituting double-decker buses for bendies on the popular route 38 through the middle of town to Victoria."

What does this mean for you the normal bus user? Another rise in fares over time? At the moment it's not clear, but if true it certainly knock's LondonUnlocked's pre-election assumption that neo-Routemasters would actually save TfL money.

In other, somewhat related, news it would appear that TfL are beginning a fresh programme of warning motorists to keep their eyes on motorbike drivers. Perhaps the Mayor is worried all that ducking and weaving out of bus lanes is going to cause trouble as the weather hots up...