Rotherhithe Foot/Cycle Bridge Project Cancelled

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The proposed Rotherhithe - Isle of Dogs foot and cycle bridge has been cancelled, reports the excellent Brockley Central blog.

We've written extensively about this project on the site and it is a real disappointment to see that the Mayor and TfL do not see fit to help partner to deliver a project which would add genuine value to the local area, and which could be constructed at relatively low cost.

We are heartened to read that Cllr Noblet and Simon Hughes MP plan to take this matter forwards, and we wish them the best of luck. Despite the current economic climate, TfL cannot afford to let 'outer' London fall into neglect. This is a project which would have delivered considerable value to local residents, encouraged people off buses and the Tube, and complimented the Mayor's environmental strategy.

We hope that London's government will think again.