Christian Wolmar: the view from both sides of the aisle

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Transport commentator Christian Wolmar has recently posted two articles to his website, examining the ambitions of Labour's Lord Adonis, and the future of rail under a Tory government. An excerpt from the former below:

"The hyperactive Adonis has 18 months at most to set in motion these schemes before the election that is likely to clear Labour out of office. He is clear that unlike many of his predecessors, he wants to leave a legacy. He is so keen to ensure that the major investment schemes on the railways are realised that there has even been negotiations behind the scenes to get a cross party agreement so that they would not be derailed by a change in government. Now that is truly a grand ambition, that would break the British mould of political infighting that has so often prevented the type of grand projet that our Continental neighbours embrace far more easily. But it may also founder like so many of the schemes Adonis favours."

Both articles are highly recommended, and Christian Womar's full archive can be found here.