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Following a visit to the proposed site of a new estuary airport on Friday, Mayor Boris Johnson outlined his plans for a new airport to the East of London:

From Friday's Guardian:

"Johnson – accompanied by Nick Raynsford, the MP for Greenwich and Woolwich who chairs a new cross-party parliamentary group on the proposal - travelled aboard a dredger on the estuary.

"The mayor has been a vocal opponent of the expansion of Heathrow airport, but has departed from the Conservative party line by arguing that a rising demand for flights could be met by expanding capacity elsewhere on the London perimeter.

"He dismissed fears that a new airport on the estuary would damage wildlife.

"He was also accompanied by Doug Oakervee, a civil engineer and the executive chair of Crossrail, the cross-London railway project, who is conducting a preliminary feasibility study into the proposed airport.

" "Today's trip has reaffirmed in my mind that a new airport in the Thames estuary has got to be factored in as an option for London's long-term aviation needs," Johnson said.

" "I am reassured by a number of aspects of this visit and will now eagerly await Doug Oakervee's initial feasibility study."

"Oakervee, who was involved in the Hong Kong airport project, said he was "encouraged" from an engineering perspective."

Elsewhere, the Times carries a good breakdown of the Mayor's plans for the airport, and what's next for the 3rd runway at Heathrow.