The New Routemaster

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At a press conference earlier today, the Mayor and Peter Hendy unveiled the winners of the competition to design a new Routemaster for London.

From over 700 entries, two were chosen as joint winners and will now be taken into the design and prototype stages before launching "as early as 2011".

The joint winners were Aston Martin-Foster and Capoco Design respectively (you can see the designs at the top of this post).

The media is giving the launch massive coverage following TfL's enthusiastic heralding of the event. Perhaps the best article on the competition has to be Andrew Gilligan's latest in the Evening Standard:

"London today takes another baby step back towards a civilised, democratic and distinctive public realm - with the rebirth of the Routemaster, the bus Londoners would not allow to die.

"The competition is the result of public revolt against "Transport for Livingstone's" destruction of the much-loved, most efficient bus - a rare example of the people beating the bureaucrats".

Is the new Routemaster the beginning of a new dawn? Certainly cyclists will be glad to see the back of the bendy bus. Let us know your views.