Newslinks | 12th July 2007

The NewsEditor

Congestion Charging four years on - traffic still down across central London "Congestion Charging has maintained reduced levels of traffic in central London and cut congestion in the western extension by up to 25 per cent, according to the Fifth Annual Impacts Monitoring Report.

"Traffic levels in the original zone remained stable in 2006, at 21 per cent lower than before the scheme was introduced in 2002, while traffic levels on boundary routes of the original zone have remained comparable to previous years." [from]

London to Swap Congestion-Charge Cameras for Electronic Sensors

"London transportation officials plan to upgrade the city's road-charging system in about three years with a network of electronic sensors called tag and beacon.

``We are now moving to tag and beacon,'' Mayor Ken Livingstone said at a news conference yesterday." [from Bloomberg]

London Mayoral Race:

ConservativeHome, the Internet portal for the Conservative Grassroots, has published this editorial, urging both Steve Norris and Boris Johnson to run:

Boris versus Norris would be a contest that would fascinate the media and that's the key reason why I hope that both men will run.