More Heathrow

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200812170744.jpgCaroline Lucas, Green MEP for the South East, takes the Government to task over its mixed messages on Heathrow. Her solution to the capacity problem is blunt to say the least:

"It seems clear to almost everyone except the government that proposals for a third runway at Heathrow should have been scrapped months ago. Even the economic case for expansion looks inadequate, especially in the current global downturn. Expansion would lead to spiralling carbon dioxide emissions, unacceptable noise pollution and worsening air quality for millions living in London and the South-East – all at a time when the government says it is committed to substantially cutting the UK's carbon emissions."

Meanwhile, the Mayor makes his case for a new airport in The Telegraph:

"But I believe we should also be brave and consider what could be a beautiful and long-term solution, and one with big environmental attractions. I don't mean Cliffe, or Foulness or Maplin Sands. There are plenty of people – an increasing number of passionate enthusiasts – who believe we can find a site in the Thames Estuary that presents a minimal threat to bird life, or north Kent marginal seats, and which is nowhere near an unexploded munitions ship, and that could be connected to London by high-speed rail."

With Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon and Environment Secretary at loggerheads on the issue, this debate is going to continue to rumble on. The question remains - will the Mayor's report into an estuary airport be delivered before the Cabinet makes its decision?