Newslinks | 11th July 2007

The NewsEditor

Tube to get air-conditioned trains "Work began on Monday on the first air-conditioned trains for London's underground rail network, Metronet Rail, which is renovating part of the "Tube", said on Monday.

"Metronet's partner, Bombardier Transportation, began welding together the first sections of an aluminium underframe for the new design.

""The first of 190 air-conditioned trains will arrive on London's Metropolitan line by 2010." [from Independent Online]

More trains on way as Underground goes 'overground'

"A DEAL for an extra 36 rail carriages for the new 'Overground' network opening in November has been announced.

"The carriages, costing £1 million a time, are to be added to the 44 new trains currently being built for Transport for London at a rail-engineering plant in Derby.

"The £36m order placed by City Hall is due for delivery in 2011 when the 'Overground' is fully up-and-running, increasing rush-hour passenger capacity by a quarter." [from East London Advertiser]

Assembly calls for dedicated TIF stream for London

"London’s train services will not cope with future demand unless significant investment is put in place, according to a new report by the London Assembly.

"Track to the Future - A Review of Rail Services In London, says three quarters of all UK rail journeys start or end in the capital, yet the Assembly Transport Committee report highlights the disparity in subsidy between the amounts London receives, compared to the rest of the country. The report says a third of rail services to London exceed the guidelines for overcrowding and this, together with passenger dissatisfaction and fares, has been rising steadily.

"The report calls for additional funding and investment to correct the disparity in subsidy. It says this should be addressed through a specific pot of funding for London from the Transport Innovation Fund (TIF).The committee also supports business levies as an alternative means of funding rail investment." [from Transport Briefing]