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200812080806.jpgYou could be forgiven for thinking that LondonUnlocked had switched its focus entirely to the issue of airports. That's thankfully not the case, though the back-and-forth over Heathrow does serve as a perfect example of the problems of governance in London, and muddled, entrenched, thinking on the issue.

Two articles from over the weekend are worth highlighting:

Firstly, the Observer's Editorial takes apart the Government's plans for a third runway at Heathrow.

Secondly, the FT gives the background to that scheme, stating that the Cabinet is split on the issue.

As a background to all of this, the Mayor continues to plough-on with his scheme for a new London airport in the Thames estuary.

It is right and proper that Government has its say, and leads a debate, on the future of air transportation in the UK, but this public infighting and indecision doesn't help the industry, business, or the commuters who use the service.

We welcome the Mayor's sounding out of the idea for an estuary airport. Any such scheme must be properly costed and thought through. It would be prudent however for the Government would hold back on making any legacy decisions until that enquiry is finished.

Everyone wants London to move forwards, it would just be able to do so better without the infighting which so colours this issue. The Government must wait for the Mayor's assessment to be completed. Only then can those in the position to make a decision one way or another be fully informed of the facts. London cannot afford this costly rivalry.