Newslinks | 6th July 2007

The NewsEditor

Green transport specialist tells its workers to ‘get off your bikes’ "One of Britain’s biggest engineering companies has banned staff from travelling on bicycles or motorbikes after declaring them too dangerous.

"One of Jacobs’ biggest customers is Transport for London, which has a target of achieving a fivefold increase in the level of cycling by 2025, and this weekend will host the opening races in the Tour de France.

"TfL paid Jacobs £6 million last year for various projects, including monitoring the impact of the congestion charge and measuring how many people have switched from driving to walking or cycling." [from the Times]

Council praised on street signs

"Kensington & Chelsea had been "transformed" by the removal of barriers and crossings according to the advisors' findings.

"The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) also said signs and barriers gave the "illusion" of safety but often made things worse.

"It has called for a new approach to the design of streets in England." [from BBC News Online]