Newslinks | Oyster, ELL, Bike Hire, Tube Upgrades, Routemaster, Estuary Airport

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Plenty of news today...

  • TfL has signed a new Oyster contract, guaranteeing ownership of the Oyster brand up to the Olympics [].
  • The Evening Standard argues that the Government should make up the £15.5m shortfall to cover the Surrey Quays to Clapham ELL extension.
  • John Biggs AM argues in the Wharf that Boris Johnson's frugal Way to Go cuts are a 'folly'.
  • Bike Radar profiles the upcoming London bike-hire scheme.
  • £2.8bn of Tube upgrades have stalled as the funding crisis bites [Contract Journal].
  • Arms manufacturer BAE has joined the race to create a new Routemaster for London [].
  • According to the Telegraph, birds will put an end to the Mayor's estuary airport dream.