Airports again

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Another day, another torrent of articles about Heathrow's expansion/decline.

The Echo summarises the Mayor's progress in pushing the idea of an estuary airport. As interviews with local figures show, even if the Mayor gains parliamentary backing, he may face difficulty with the new airport's local authorities.

Meanwhile the Sunday Herald takes the Heathrow experience apart. Whilst not directly calling for a new air link, it clearly consider any new developments at Heathrow to be futile:

THERE'S A large, over-crowded series of shopping?malls?15?miles from?central?London. The transport choices there and back include the most expensive?15-minute rail journey in the developed world, an underground system that barely acknowledges the demands of 21st-century travel, or a motorway that routinely turns into a long car park. Those who run this place insist its prime function is as the world's third-largest airport. But users of Heathrow, shunted around its rat run of gates, herded into its malls and forced into scrums to retrieve their often lost or damaged luggage, know that passenger satisfaction was long ago dismissed as "not required" in this hellhole of global travel.

Finally, Boris Johnson has spoken out about the Government's plans for a third runway at Heathrow, telling the Times that he and a coalition of local authorities would sue, using environmental concerns as the basis of any action.

Given that both sides of this debate are unwilling to concede an inch, it would appear that we'll be reporting on this issue for some time.