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The dust has settled after the Mayor's launch of Way to Go, and now serious analysis of what London's transport future is going to look like is beginning to appear.

Olivia Boyd writes an excellent summary of where the capital is in Building. The article is a must read:

Johnson’s decision indicates that he views Crossrail as one of the capital’s more secure projects. The scheme expects to appoint its programme delivery partner and design framework before the end of the year and the project delivery partner in February. However, those in the running are waiting anxiously for this month’s pre-Budget report to see if the government will back up the project with a cash injection to make up for the shortfall in private sector contributions. Last week’s announcement that BAA would come good with its promise of £230m funding for the scheme was a boost but it is hardly decisive.

Speaking of CrossRail, Tube Lines' boss Terry Morgan has been appointed Chair of the project. Despite his assertions to the contrary, it would appear that the two organisations which he heads will be competing for funds from the same pot. This could be interesting.

Elsewhere, the divisions between the Mayor and his Conservative colleagues in Parliament have been made clear:

The Tories today poured cold water over Boris Johnson's plan for a new airport in the Thames Estuary.

Shadow transport secretary Theresa Villiers revealed in a letter to a Liberal Democrat MP that the party's high command did not support the proposal.

Despite this, the Mayor soldiers on with the scheme. Quite aside from the opposition of the current Government, it would appear that Mr Johnson faces an uphill task in convincing business, airlines, and his own party of his plans. Increasingly it would appear that a Conservative Government may not necessarily make the Mayor's life easier.