Way to Go: The Verdict

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Hours after the launch of Way to Go (pdf download), the press have chimed in with their verdicts (the Evening Standard carries a helpful list of what's been stripped from the Mayor's plans):

  • The Mayor has 'abandoned outer London' by scrapping the Thameslink extension to Crystal Palace [Croydon Guardian].
  • Cancelling the Beckton - Thamesmead bridge is applauded by locals and green groups [The Guardian].
  • Ending the Dagenham Docks DLR extension is a "betrayal of east London" [Barking and Dagenham Recorder].
  • "the bloodbath of culled transport initiatives is a long, sad list" [The Londonist].

Our verdict? Sad, but sensible and necessary.

Perhaps London can 'dig for prosperity', but unless it has the money (or credit) to pay for such large scale projects the idea is nothing better than, to re-direct a quote from Mr Johnson "an inverted pyramid of piffle".

The Mayor needs to look sensibly now at bringing in the private sector to build, run, and then hand-over innovative projects when they become profitable. Being creative is now perhaps the Mayor's best chance of delivering any form of transport revolution for the capital, but to be so is a risk. Is Mr Johnson prepared to take it?