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LondonUnlocked is on an official hiatus this week, though we shall be still flagging up the articles which outline the Conservative Party's transport priorities, as stated at their conference in Birmingham.

Seeing that the polls suggest that the Conservatives will comfortably form the next Government, the policies which they propose now will have a huge impact on London.

Links below:

The Guardian - "Tory Transport Plans Receive Mixed Response"

The Independent - "A new airport on the Thames may be the answer for London"

The FT - "Business attacks Heathrow ‘false choice’"

Transport Briefing - "Conservatives choose high speed rail over Heathrow"

Updated Wed 1st Oct:

The Guardian - "Stopping the slow train"

and outside of the Conference hall: Evening Standard - "Boris in £3bn battle to rescue Tube upgrade"

Updated Thursday 2nd Oct:

Press and Journal - "Scots rail against transport plan"

The Guardian - "BA chief executive describes Tory transport policy as 'all over the place'"

We'll update this page as, if, and when, new policies are announced.