Runway 3

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Despite the flurry of articles yesterday about Boris Johnson's plan for a new Thames estuary airport, The Times reports that the Government is set to announce its approval for a third runway at Heathrow:

Ministers are pressing ahead with plans for a highly controversial third runway at Heathrow and intend to approve the expansion before Christmas... although the Government is still sifting through tens of thousands of public submissions on the airport’s proposed expansion, it is understood that senior figures have already decided to sanction it.

Judging by the timing of this story, one day after near-universal coverage of the Thames estuary plan, it would appear that the Mayor's offices and DfT are no longer speaking as one. This news seems to be something of a slap down for the Mayor.

Government in London has always been 'semi-detached' from Whitehall, with Ken Livingstone having a tense relationship with the Labour Party which formed the national Government. Now it would appear that those departments which Boris Johnson has to deal with are doing a decent job of undermining him.

One can only imagine what joined-up governance would actually be capable of delivering for London. That we Londoners have never known is a real shame and a shocking indictment of the political class.