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200809171503.jpgFollowing our coverage of the budget gap faced by TfL, Tube Lines have responded to the criticism that the hole in TfL's coffers is due to their greed:

A Tube Lines spokeswoman said the "vast majority" of the cost difference lay in the different ways inflation was calculated. "Our estimate was based on different estimates of commercial prices and labour, which are not covered by the index currently used. And LUL did not include any estimate for inflation in its submission."

[Contract Journal]

Tube Lines' Chief Executive, Terry Morgan has also been out defending the company, noting the consequences of not going ahead with the planned work "poor performance and insufficient capacity".

Transport expert Christian Wolmar has taken a different view for the same article:

"Tube Lines has done OK, but have they in any way justified the enormous amount of money that's gone into that contract? I would say no,'' Wolmar said in an interview. "This is a very expensive way of doing things."

Which is not exactly a ringing endorsement for the news that the Tube Lines consortium has been shortlisted to maintain the East London Railway. London Overground site the need for a partner which "can work with the employer as a team, to maintain the East London Railway in a safe and fully operable condition at an economic cost [my emphasis]". Perhaps not an ideal fit.

What this budget hole means for the future of CrossRail, much under discussion, is still to be made clear.