Pay Deal for Strike Workers

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200809031201.jpgThe Press Association reported late yesterday that a pay deal has been negotiated for members of the RMT following talks to avert the threat of further industrial action:

Members of the Rail Maritime and Transport union employed by maintenance giant Tube Lines voted by 4-1 in favour of a two-year deal of a 4.99% pay rise this year and the rate of inflation plus 0.85% next year.

The workers planned to strike for three days last month but it was suspended after last-ditch talks.

Boris Johnson's election pledge to come to a no-strike agreement with the unions appears to be falling apart.

As we commented at the time, Tim Parker's nomination as First Deputy Mayor and Chair of TfL appeared to be a bold step in the right direction, allying Mr Parker's reputation as a cost-cutter and union-buster with a tough stance by the Mayor.

Mr Parker's departure leaves this strategy in the air. With the unions seemingly able to dictate terms, what strategy does Boris Johnson now have to keep the transport network running within existing budgets?