Oyster Fall Out

LondonUnlockedEditor carries a must-read article on the troubles facing TfL following the decision to end its contract with the consortium responsible for supporting the Oyster scheme:

Industry speculation suggested the move follows years of failed discussions on future strategy plans based on any contract renewal and issues related to ownership of the rights to the Oyster brand and technology.

This article throws into harsh light the arrangements brokered between TfL and 3rd party adopters of the technology, notably Barclaycard's OnePulse card (as covered by us earlier here).

What still remains unclear is the arrangement brokered between TfL, the Oyster consortium, and any 3rd party adopters. Contractual arrangements could lead to TfL being heavily penalised following both security breaches of the Oyster scheme, and a forced change in technoology.

You can read the full article here.