BAA Break-Up?

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The BBC reports on the Competition Commission report on BAA's ownership of UK airports:

BAA may have to sell three of its seven UK airports because of concerns about its market dominance, the Competition Commission has said.

The watchdog is recommending that the airport operator should have to sell two of its three airports in the South East - Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.

It also believes BAA should not be allowed to continue to own airports in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

In The Telegraph BAA has hit back at the Competition Commission's findings:

"...we will continue to point out to the Commission the many areas where we believe its analysis is flawed and its remedies would be disproportionate and counter-productive."

The Competition Commission's findings tally with the ideas put forward in our own Transport Manifesto. Airlines have reacted favourably to the ruling. The Government's reaction to the report is now crucial.