Olympic Transport on Track

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The Olympic Delivery Authority has delivered its Annual Report, tellingly named 'on target'.

Projects undertaken and on plan include the extension of the DLR network and addition of extra capacity, preparation for the high-speed Javelin train service and the delivery of carriages for both these projects.

In addition, significant works have been undertaken at Stratford station, including the widening of the platform and a signal upgrade for the connecting Jubilee Line. As Transport Briefing reports:

Capacity on the Jubilee Line has already increased by 17% following the addition of a seventh carriage in January 2006 but by the end of July 2009 work on a new signalling system that will increase capacity by a further 25% will be nearing completion. When finished at the end of 2009, the ODA says these upgrades will provide more capacity for the Games and leave London with a total increase in capacity of 46% on this Underground line.

These works, undertaken by Tube Lines, are hugely welcome, not only as they will match the increased capacity which the Olympics will require. 2,700 new homes are soon to be completed in Canada Water and new properties in North Greenwich (both on the Jubilee Line) continue to be built at a pace.