Shrinking the Charge

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200807080909.jpgBoris Johnson took the long-trailed step yesterday of quashing Ken Livingstone's proposed £25 charge for the most polluting cars. The move also halts the smallest and least-polluting cars entering the CC charge zone for free.

Under Mr Livingstone's plans the highest carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions cars would have paid £25 to enter the zone whereas cars with the lowest emissions were to get a 100% discount on the charge.

Following the proposals in February, a study said the plan would encourage smaller vehicles to enter the zone, increasing congestion and pollution.

[BBC News ]

Porsche took TfL to court over the move, meaning that when Mr Johnson shelved the proposal the GLA Group were lest having to pay their estimated £400,000 legal charges. This is considerably less than the £10m earmarked for the set-up of the scheme.

This move reflects the Mayor's greater strategy of removing congestion from the streets through a series of passive measures whilst building confidence in the transport network.