Routemasters to Return



The Evening Standard uses the reasonably low injury rates sustained on the two remaining 'legacy' Routemaster routes as a jumping point to talk about the re-introduction of a 21st century version of the bus:

Only two passengers have suffered accidents requiring medical treatment on London's two remaining Routemaster bus routes during the past three years.

The official figures show that during the same period, more than four million people travelled on the buses, giving an accident rate per passenger of only a fraction of one per cent.

The Mayor is due to launch his vision for the new bus within days. Overcoming the high cost of designing, building and staffing (conductors were part of Mr Johnson's campaign pledge) the new Routemasters is going to be a huge challenge.

The Mayor's understanding of the situation and approach to raising funds without hitting Londoners' pockets is going to speak volumes over how he will deliver other high-profile projects during his tenure. We'll update you as soon as there is more.