Newslinks | 22nd June 2007

The NewsEditor

Diplomatic C-charge bill tops £4.5m "Wealthy foreign diplomats are dodging millions of pounds in bills for unpaid parking fines and congestion charges.

"Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett says embassies now owe millions for unpaid congestion charges - while only one in nine parking fines is being settled." [from]

NOTE: LondonUnlocked will shortly be doing an in-depth article on the Congestion Charge.

London bus journeys to be 10% cheaper

"Bus journeys in London with an Oyster card are to be ten per cent cheaper as of September 30th, it has been announced.

"Prices for a single bus fare, day or night, are to be reduced from £1 to 90p, the Mayor of London has confirmed.

"Meanwhile, the price of a weekly bus pass is to be cut from £14 to £13." [from]