TfL Swings to the Conservatives


200806120955.jpgTim Parker, Kulveer Ranger and Steve Norris have been appointed to the Board of TfL by Boris Johnson. Following a rubber-stamp vote by the Assembly, Mr Parker will also Chair the board from September.

The Mayor is quoted on the appointments as saying: “each bring a great deal of expertise and knowledge to the Board. London’s roads, river and rails are the life-blood of our city.”

Four other existing members of the Board have been reappointed for a two month period, Mr Johnson stating that he is now considering all applications, hoping to finalise positions "later in the summer".

This marks the first stage in a significant shift for TfL, and good news for Mr Johnson in terms of being able to pass some of his more controversial campaign pledges. Certainly with the Board of TfL broadly behind him it will be easier to negotiate the no-strikes deal with the unions, one of the cornerstones of his manifesto.