Newslinks | 20th June 2007

The NewsEditor

Mayor raps Tory 'election plot' "Ken Livingstone has accused Tory peers of denying Londoners a fair choice after they voted to limit the number of terms any mayor can serve to two.

""It is up to Londoners, not parliamentarians, to decide who is mayor," said Mr Livingstone, who hopes to seek a third mandate in May 2008." [from BBC News Online]

Tube bosses create new frameworks outside PPP - involved article about the delivery of London Underground's capital works programme. [from Contract Journal]

Worlds first contactless credit card parking meter, shown at Retail Solutions

"Parking machine manufacturer Metric and CreditCall, showed the worlds first parking machine incorporating a payment system using contactless credit cards.

"With the London launch of contactless credit and debit cards scheduled for this autumn, the parking industry could be at the forefront." [from Parking Network]