Cross River Tram: In the balance?

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Transport Briefing reports that the future of the Cross River Tram project is likely to be decided in July.

Boris Johnson's campaign manifesto failed to mention the project by name, though at the time Conservative Assembly candidate Shirley Houghton stated that he was fully committed to the project.

The current position is surmised by Transport Briefing, below:

Mayor of London Boris Johnson clarified the status of the project at a monthly press briefing on Wednesday (4 June) following his answer last week to a question from London Assembly members when he said: "I intend to review the transport, economic and environmental implications of CRT and form a view on the best way to proceed." The update came as it emerged that development work on the CRT project has now been underway for longer than the 11 years it took to develop, build and open the Croydon Tramlink system but without any track being laid.

In the view of this site, the Cross River Tram is an important symbol for a new transport agenda for London - it is a green transport project which will directly benefit the areas which it transverses and greatly ease the strain on other forms of public transport. Mayor Johnson should not face a difficult decision when a full report hits his desk in July.