Newslinks | Tube Consultation, Mumbai CC, Tube Party & a WW2 Bomb

LondonUnlocked, The NewsEditor
  • Cheryl Gillan, MP for Amersham and Chesham, has called on Boris Johnson to consult with commuters from outside the capital on Tube changes, reports the Bucks Free Press.
  • The India Times carries a scathing article on the idea of creating a Mumbai Congestion Charge:

...Mumbai’s administration is still thinking of importing the concept of congestion charges for private vehicles to reduce traffic problems, quoting the London model. For those who aren’t directly concerned with Mumbai’s traffic problems, please indulge us and see this as symptomatic. This grand idea came up some time last year, at which point everyone who knows both cities laughed ourselves into silly hysteria.

  • Mayor Johnson declares the final drinks party on the Tube as "the kind of exuberant, Celtic-style wake for the passing, the long overdue passing, of a custom" and "anthropologically misunderstood”. Others were not so gracious [The Times].
  • The PA tells us that an unexploded WW2 bomb in a river just outside of Bromley-by-Bow has been found, closing the route in that area.