Waiting for the Results

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With all the news dominated by the local elections and the long wait for the Mayoral result to be announced, we're going to feature a pamphlet produced by a partner site of ours,

LondonSays is an independent, cross-party think-tank which focussed exclusively on issues surrounding London.

Recently the site published an alternative manifesto based on the main subjects which the new Mayor will have to tackle once in office. Part of that Alternative Manifesto was written by acclaimed transport expert Christian Wolmar, and we urge our readers to take a look at the pamphlet, and his article in particular.

You can download the full piece here (pdf download), and an extract follows:

London’s transport planners have begun to realise that the mantra of encouraging people to walk and cycle more is not an optional extra, but a vital part of coping with increased demand in the years to come. Shifting even a small percentage of people onto these modes could have a dramatic impact on overall transport demand, reducing pressure particularly at those peak times when there is simply no extra capacity.

Please take the time to have a look at the article, it's a fair examination of the challenge facing the new Mayor and offers realistic (and revenue neutral!) solutions for him to follow.