Thames Cycle Bridge Update

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The proposed Thames cycle bridge (which we covered last year in our projects area here) has come a step closer to existence.


Bike Radar reports that a TfL funded report into the bridge has outlined the various factors which need be overcome before any final decision can be made:

According to the report the ideal location for the Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf Bridge is between Durand's Wharf, a park on the Southwark bank, and Westferry Road. This proposed new location takes into account the requirements of shipping on the Thames – the planned lift bridge would be able to raise itself to varying heights, depending on the nature of the craft passing underneath, thereby minimizing delay to cyclists and pedestrians. It will also link to public transport networks on both sides of the river. The report puts the cost of the bridge at around £65 million.

There are questions remaining as to where this funding will come from, and for a potential delivery date. Originally conceived as an element of the wider 2012 delivery for the Olympics, it now appears that the bridge, if built, may be finished after the Olympic start date.

This is a much-needed element of the regeneration of Southwark, and given the essential health, environmental, and economic benefits on offer, as much as possible must be done to get the project moving quickly. TfL rightly points out that a £65m investment is too large for them alone, but with Canary Wharf being a principal benefactor, and given the Olympic tie-in, sponsorship and funding should not be difficult to find.

LondonUnlocked will keep you updated as to any developments on this issue.