C-Charge Hike To Increase C02 Emissions?


A report by King's College predicts a rise in CO2 levels if the Congestion Charge price-hike goes ahead.

As the BBC reports:

Researchers said this would be largely caused by people driving further to avoid the congestion charging zone.

Certainly this behaviour runs true to current practice. One of the most frequent complaints from readers of LondonUnlocked is the difficulty faced in following the non-Congestion Charged route around the London Bridge area, and the congestion faced whilst on that route.

TfL has predictably rubbished King's College's findings, and there are allegations that they have pressured King's College into adjusting the findings. As the Telegraph reports:

TfL denied it had pressured the King's team into a rethink. A spokesman said: "We received this report and our techy people realised there had been some errors so the team is now doing some remodelling."

Whether this is true or not, it certainly raises serious questions about the ability of the Mayor and TfL to deliver the benefits which they state an increased Congestion Charge will bring.

LondonUnlocked believes that the best route forward would be for an independent review to be announced before the election. It would be pointless and damaging for London to engage with an expensive scheme such as this if the thinking behind it was flawed.

London deserves to know the truth behind this scheme, and the Mayor must be above scrutiny if charging Londoners £25 a day to travel into central London.