Brian Paddick and Trams


One of the updates to our policies page, as mentioned in the previous post, was with Brian Paddick's further commitment to introducing a serious tram network into London.

When this site interviewed Mr Paddick a few months ago, he spoke of his "love affair with trams" - it is clear that he sees such a network as a low-cost, complementary system to the Tube which would serve to reduce congestion on the roads and overcrowding on the Underground.

He may be right.

Certainly his proposals have been amongst the most bold (with the possible exception of Boris Johnson's call for Heathrow-on-Sea) from amongst his peers, and appear well costed and thought out.

Mr Paddick's trams, based on an Ultra Light Rail (ULR) system do not require the normal overhead wires and are very light, meaning that they are unlikely to disrupt utilities below-ground. By following pre-exisiting bus routes, these early systems can expand capacity on the busiest roads, acting in concert with bus services.

More details on the plan are covered by Transport Briefing and the Evening Standard, articles which are well worth consideration.

The details of the routes covered, running from Oxford Street to Stratford, Waterloo to Deptford, introducing the Cross River tram, and extending the Croydon tram link, begin to paint a picture of a brand new network for London - certainly exciting, and very achievable.