Weekend News Round-Up


The news this weekend has been dominated by Boris / Ken spats, and the back and forth by various outriders of their campaigns.

The Mayor wrote an impassioned defence of his position, and of the logic behind the Ken/Sian pact, in Comment is Free. He also managed to stick the knife, not-so-subtly into his Conservative opponent:

Boris Johnson's policies at this London election represent the revolt of everything that is old against everything that is new, of horror and incomprehension at the 21st century, its possibilities and its challenges.

Meanwhile, Nick Mathiason wrote in The Observer about the pros and cons of Ken and Boris' differing financial policies for London.

These analyses of the race as it stands go on against the backdrop of some serious accusations of unfair play by the Johnson camp. Ben Brogan covers this story well in the Mail.

Finally, the Sun provides a helpful guide to the candidates' positions on the main issues facing London here.