Newslinks | Bendy Buses, Terminal 5, Strikes & Parking

LondonUnlocked, The NewsEditor
  • Channel 4 News fact-checks the back-and-forth between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone on the costing of Mr Johnson's plans to install conductors on his proposed fleet of "21st century Routemasters". Result: Ken 1, Boris 0.
  • Speaking of back-and-forth, the Berry-Livingstone alliance spreads to embrace the argument that Lib Dems should reject Brian Paddick as he is apparently too green. Sian Berry writes in the New Statesman here, whilst Lib Dem Voice retorts here.
  • Book the tube strikes in your diary: 6 - 9th April. (Source: FT)
  • "Upset, resentful and baffled" - Simon Calder writes about the Terminal 5 experience in the Independent.